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Genomics. 1999 Jan 15;55(2):164-75.

A 1.4-Mb high-resolution physical map and contig of chromosome segment 11p15.5 and genes in the LOH11A metastasis suppressor region.

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Thoracic Oncology Program, Department of Medicine and Department of Radiology, Durham, North Carolina, 27710, USA.


The centromeric part of chromosome segment 11p15.5 contains a region of frequent allele loss in many adult solid malignancies. This region, called LOH11A, is lost in 75% of lung cancers and is thought to contain a gene that may function as a metastasis suppressor. Genetic complementation studies have shown suppression of the malignant phenotype including reduction of metastasis formation. We constructed a high-resolution physical map and contig over 1.4 Mb that includes the beta-hemoglobin gene cluster and the gene for the large subunit of ribonucleotide reductase (RRM1). Through sequencing and computerized analysis, we determined that this region contains an unusually large number of transposable elements, which suggests that double-stranded DNA breaks occur frequently here. Twenty-two putative genes were identified. Because of its location at the site of maximal allele loss in the 650-kb LOH11A region and previous functional studies, RRM1 is the most likely candidate gene with metastasis suppressor function. The malignant phenotype, in this case, results from a relative loss of function rather than a complete loss.

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