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Gene. 1999 Feb 4;227(1):111-6.

Physical map covering a 2 Mb region in human xp11.3 distal to DX6849.

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Department of Medical Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta T2N 4N1, Canada.


A 2Mb contig was constructed of yeast artificial chromosomes (YACs) and P1 artificial chromosomes (PACs), extending from DXS6849 to a new marker EC7034R, 1Mb distal to UBE1, within the p11.3 region of the human X chromosome. This contig, which has on average four-fold cloned coverage, was assembled using 37 markers, including 13 new sequence tagged sites (STSs) developed from YAC and PAC end-fragments, for an average inter-marker distance of 55kb. The inferred marker order predicted from SEGMAP analysis, STS content and cell hybrid data is Xpter-EC7034R-EC8058R-FB20E11-DXS7804-D XS8308-(DXS1264, DXS1055)-DXS1003-UBE1-(UHX), PCTK1)-DXS1364-DXS1266-DXS337-SYN1-DXS6 849-cen. One (TC)n dinucleotide sequence from an end-clone was identified and found to be polymorphic (48% heterozygosity). The contig is merged with published physical maps both in the distal and in the centromeric direction of Xp, and provides reagents to aid in the DNA sequencing and the finding of genes in this region of the human genome.

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