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Nahrung. 1998 Dec;42(6):380-4.

GC evaluation of flavour compounds sorption from water solutions by corn starch cryotextures obtained by freezing.

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Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Biochemical Physics, Moscow, Russia.


Sorption of essential oil aroma components, n-alcohols and linalool by starch corn cryotexture was studied. Results show that terpene hydrocarbons of Rosmarinus officinalis L. essential oil are sorbed quantitatively from 0.05% water solution by cryotexture due to hydrophobic interactions with starch polysaccharides. Aroma compounds with oxygen atoms within the molecule are sorbed two times less. A templating effect with glucose, sucrose, maltose and some essential oil components was observed. Sorption of n-alcohols C4, C6, C8, linalool and their mixture with alkyl acetates in concentration 0.5-15 mmol/l was carried out. Individual octanol is sorbed by cryotexture on 88%, hexanol on 20%, linalool on 25%. Butanol is not sorbed at the chosen concentration. Synergism in sorption of hexanol from mixture with octanol and alkyl acetates was observed, while a suppression effect of octanol sorption was found for the same mixture.

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