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Clin Nephrol. 1998 Dec;50(6):381-6.

Simultaneous lowering of serum phosphate and LDL-cholesterol by sevelamer hydrochloride (RenaGel) in dialysis patients.

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Department of Medicine, North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, New York University School of Medicine, Manhasset, USA.


The aim of the current investigation was to study the effects of sevelamer hydrochloride (RenaGel) on serum phosphate, intact parathyroid hormone levels (iPTH), and lipid profiles in stable hemodialysis patients. Hemodialysis patients maintained on calcium containing phosphate binders were enrolled in this study. Following two weeks of washout of the phosphate binders, serum phosphate rose from 6.4 +/- 0.6 to 10.5 +/- 0.7 mg/dl (p <0.001). After 8 weeks of titration with sevelamer hydrochloride, serum phosphate fell by 4.5 +/- 0.3 to 6.3 +/- 0.7 mg/dl (p <0.0001). Serum calcium levels fell during washout (9.8 +/- 0.4 to 8.9 +/- 0.3 mg/dl, p <0.004) and were unaffected by sevelamer hydrochloride. Sevelamer hydrochloride administration was associated with a 23.0 +/- 3.1% fall in total cholesterol, a 35.9 +/- 3.0% fall in LDL cholesterol, and a 35.2 +/- 5.3% fall in the LDL:HDL cholesterol ratio (p <0.001). There was no change in HDL cholesterol, triglycerides or the concentration of fat soluble vitamins. Sevelamer hydrochloride is a well tolerated alternative to calcium or aluminum containing phosphate binders and may offer an advantage to patients who become hypercalcemic on calcium-containing antacids and vitamin D supplementation. Furthermore, sevelamer hydrochloride lowers LDL cholesterol without affecting HDL cholesterol. The potential usefulness of the lipid lowering effects of sevelamer hydrochloride needs to be determined in additional prospective studies.

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