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Arch Pharm Res. 1998 Dec;21(6):774-8.

Effects of Brazilin on the phospholipase A2 activity and changes of intracellular free calcium concentration in rat platelets.

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College of Oriental Medicine, Kyung Won University, Seongnam, Korea.


Brazilin (7,11b-dihydrobenz[b]indeno[1,2-d]pyran-3,6a,9,10 (6 H)-tetrol) inhibited thrombin-,collagen- and ADP-induced aggregation of washed rat platelets. Thrombin- and collagen-induced ATP release were also inhibited by brazilin in a concentration-dependent manner. Brazilin inhibited the formation of platelet thromboxane A2 caused by thrombin, whereas it had no effect on the prostaglandin D2 formation. Brazilin inhibited [3H]-arachidonic acid liberation from membrane phospholipids of thrombin-stimulated platelets. Brazilin inhibited the rise of intracellular free calcium caused by thrombin. These results indicate that the inhibition of phospholipase (PLA2) activity and [Ca2+]i elevation might be at least a part of antiplatelet mechanism of brazilin.

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