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Eur J Immunol. 1998 Dec;28(12):4188-97.

Production of reactive oxygen intermediates following CD40 ligation correlates with c-Jun N-terminal kinase activation and IL-6 secretion in murine B lymphocytes.

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Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Iowa, Iowa City 52242, USA.


Recent studies indicate that reactive oxygen intermediates (ROI) serve as second messengers in cell signaling. ROI have been implicated in the activation of NF-kappaB as well as c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) in response to IL-1 and TNF-alpha stimulation. In this report we examine whether intracellular ROI are involved in CD40 receptor signaling. We show that CD40 engagement on resting splenic B lymphocytes and murine B lymphoma WEHI 231 cells generates ROI. Blocking ROI production by preincubation with the antioxidant N-acetyl-L-cysteine inhibits JNK activation, NF-kappaB-driven luciferase activity, and IL-6 secretion following CD40 ligation, suggesting a role for ROI in CD40-mediated signaling events. Furthermore, transfection of WEHI 231 cells with a plasmid encoding Mn-superoxide dismutase interferes with CD40-induced NF-kappaB activation, providing further support for ROI involvement in this pathway. Collectively, these data demonstrate that ROI may serve as second messengers linking CD40 engagement on B cells to important downstream activation events.

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