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J Neurobiol. 1998 Dec;37(4):524-40.

Rac1-dependent actin filament organization in growth cones is necessary for beta1-integrin-mediated advance but not for growth on poly-D-lysine.

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Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins 80523, USA.


The activity of filopodia and lamellipodia determines the advance, motility, adhesion, and sensory capacity of neuronal growth cones. The shape and dynamics of these highly motile structures originate from the continuous reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton in response to extracellular signals. The small GTPases, Rac1, Rho, and CDC42, regulate the organization of actin filament structures in nonneuronal cells; yet, their role in growth cone motility and neurite outgrowth is poorly understood. We investigated in vitro the function of Rac1 in neurite outgrowth and differentiation by introducing purified recombinant mutants of Rac1 into primary chick embryo motor neurons via trituration. Endogenous Rac1 was expressed in growth cone bodies as well as in the tips and shafts of filopodia, where it often colocalized with actin filament structures. The introduction of constitutively active Rac1 resulted in an increase in rhodamine-phalloidin staining, presumably from an accumulation of actin filaments in growth cones, while dominant negative Rac1 caused a decrease in rhodamine-phalloidin staining. Nevertheless, both Rac1 mutants retarded growth cone advance, and hence attenuated neurite outgrowth and inhibited differentiation of neurites into axons and dendrites on laminin and fibronectin. In contrast, on poly-D-lysine, neither Rac1 mutant affected growth cone advance, neurite outgrowth, or neurite differentiation despite inducing similar changes in the amount of rhodamine-phalloidin staining in growth cones. Our data demonstrate that Rac1 regulates actin filament organization in neuronal growth cones and is pivotal for beta1 integrin-mediated growth cone advance, but not for growth on poly-D-lysine.

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