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J Protein Chem. 1998 Oct;17(7):657-62.

A bovine dander allergen, comparative modeling, and similarities and differences in folding with related proteins.

Author information

Department of Chemistry, University of Kuopio, Finland.


The most important allergenic protein in cow dander and urine is Bos d 2. It is proposed to belong to the family of lipocalins, which are proteins capable of binding small hydrophobic molecules. The allergenic properties of Bos d 2 indicate an interaction between the accessible regions of the native protein and IgE. In this work, a three-dimensional model was created for Bos d 2 by comparative modeling, and features characteristic of outlier lipocalins were observed. The protruding regions of the surface were characterized and used in predicting the possible B-cell epitopes. There is a pocket inside the core and its size is appropriate for small molecules. The model shows a hydrophilic amino acid side chain of glutamic acid 115 on the inner surface of the hole and a phenylalanine as the "gatekeeper" instead of tyrosine, which is common in experimentally modeled lipocalins.

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