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Int J Mol Med. 1998 Apr;1(4):761-5.

Keratinocyte growth inhibition by streptococcal proteins.

Author information

Department of Dermatology, The Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Jena, Germany.


M proteins are receptor proteins and one of the virulence factors of streptococci. M proteins seem to play a role in inflammatory skin disorders such as psoriasis. It is however unknown whether M proteins have a direct influence on proliferative activity of human keratinocytes. In the present study human HaCaT keratinocytes were exposed to M proteins (M1, M3, M5, M12) and the proliferative and proinflammatory response was analyzed. We found a dose-dependent inhibition of keratinocyte proliferation with crude extract of strain M3 4/55. Following affinity chromatography we found inhibitory activity for keratinocyte proliferation with a maximum of 80% at 10-8 M in the M protein. Additionally tested M1 protein preparation showed an inhibitory activity of 55% whereas other M preparations (5 and 12) did not show any effect. In supernatants from HaCaT cultures IL-1alpha, IL-1beta, IL-6, IL-8, TNFalpha and ICAM-1 were measured by ELISA. The levels of IL-8 were high and TNFalpha was upregulated, whereas ICAM-1 was decreased from around 20 ng/ml to almost zero. In contrast to the streptococcal-derived M3 protein preparation the recombinant M3 did not interfere with the proliferation of HaCaT cells. Because neither recombinant M3 protein nor M3 protein purified by ion exchange chromatography on a Q-resource column had any antiproliferative activity on keratinocytes we suggest, that a component different from M3 protein was responsible.

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