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Oncogene. 1998 Nov 19;17(20):2549-54.

Inhibition of Fas-induced apoptosis by Bcl-2.

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Osaka Bioscience Institute, Suita, Japan.


Jurkat cells express Fas, and rapidly undergo apoptosis in response to Fas ligand or an agonistic anti-Fas antibody. This apoptotic pathway is mediated by a cascade of caspases. In this report, we show that Fas activation induced the processing of caspase 8 in Jurkat cells with a time frame similar to the activation of caspase 3 and the proteolysis of nuclear proteins. Jurkat cell transformants that overexpress Bcl-2 were partially but not completely resistant to the Fas-induced apoptosis. Little processing of caspase 8 was observed upon Fas activation in these transformants. Furthermore, although caspase 8 was recruited to Fas upon Fas activation in the parental Jurkat cells, the recruitment of caspase 8 to Fas was inhibited in the transformants overexpressing Bcl-2. These results suggest that Bcl-2 inhibits Fas-induced apoptosis by preventing the formation of the death-inducing signaling complex that is composed of Fas, FADD/MORT1, and caspase 8.

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