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Bioessays. 1998 Sep;20(9):771-80.

Chromatin remodeling: a marriage between two families?

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University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worcester 01605, USA.


The compaction of the eukaryotic genome into a highly folded chromatin structure necessitates cellular mechanisms for allowing access of regulatory proteins to the DNA template. Recent advances in the fields of gene silencing, transcription, recombination, and DNA repair have led to the identification of two distinct families of chromatin remodeling enzymes--nuclear histone acetyltransferases and multisubunit complexes that harbor a SWI2/SNF2 ATPase family member. This paper reviews the current notion of how these enzymes function in remodeling chromatin; we then discuss some tantalizing lines of evidence that lead to the hypothesis that members of both families may actually function in concert to facilitate cellular processes in the context of chromatin.

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