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Plasmid. 1998 Nov;40(3):238-42.

Analysis of two Staphylococcus epidermidis plasmids coding for resistance to streptogramin A.

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Unité des Staphylocoques, Centre National de Référence des Staphylocoques, Paris Cedex 15, 75724, France.


The two Staphylococcus epidermidis plasmids pIP1629 (7.5 kb) and pIP1630 (14.4 kb) contain the vga gene conferring resistance to streptogramin A. All the sequences of pIP1629, except two of the four 22-nt iterons preceding the replication gene, were found in pIP1630. The additional 6.9-kb fragment of pIP1630 is similar to the mobilizable S. epidermidis plasmid pSK639, carrying the dfrA-thyE-orf140 operon and thought to replicate by an iteron controlled theta-type replication mechanism. The replication-mobilization elements of pIP1629 and pSK639 are very similar despite having been isolated in France and in Australia, respectively, showing that they are geographically widely dispersed in S. epidermidis. The gene thyE encoding thymidylate synthetase carried by pSK639 is not present in pIP1630. pIP1630 probably arose by the recombination of two homologous plasmids carrying distinct resistance determinants.

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