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Vaccine. 1998 Dec;16(20):1907-16.

Levels of anti-pertussis antibodies related to protection after household exposure to Bordetella pertussis.

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Sachs' Children's Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden.


Vaccine efficacies against typical pertussis after household exposure to Bordetella pertussis were estimated to be 75.4% for an acellular five-component vaccine, 42.4% for an acellular two-component vaccine, and 28.5%, for a licensed US whole cell vaccine, compared to placebo. Logistic regression analyses demonstrated statistically significant correlations between clinical protection and the presence of IgG antibodies against pertactin, fimbriae 2/3 and pertussis toxin in pre-exposure sera. Multicomponent pertussis vaccines of proven high efficacy in recent Swedish NIAID-sponsored efficacy trials induced higher antibody levels against pertactin and fimbriae 2/3 than less efficacious vaccines. Anti-pertactin, anti-fimbriae 2/3, and anti-PT may be used as surrogate markers of protection for multicomponent acellular and whole-cell vaccines against pertussis.

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