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Virology. 1998 Sep 30;249(2):307-15.

The complete DNA sequence and genome organization of the avian adenovirus, hemorrhagic enteritis virus.

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South Industrial Zone, MIGAL, Kiryat Shmona, 10200, Israel.


Hemorrhagic enteritis virus (HEV) belongs to the Adenoviridae family, a subgroup of adenoviruses (Ads) that infect avian species. In this article, the complete DNA sequence and the genome organization of the virus are described. The full-length of the genome was found to be 26,263 bp, shorter than the DNA of any other Ad described so far. The G + C content of the genome is 34.93%. There are short terminal repeats (39 bp), as described for other Ads. Genes were identified by comparison of the DNA and predicted amino acid sequences with published sequences of other Ads. The organization of the genome in respect to late genes (52K, IIIa, penton base, core protein, hexon, endopeptidase, 100K, pVIII, and fiber), early region 2 genes (polymerase, terminal protein, and DNA binding protein), and intermediate gene IVa2 was found to be similar to that of other human and avian Ad genomes. No sequences similar to E1 and E4 regions were found. Very low similarity to ovine E3 region was found. Open reading frames were identified with no similarity to any published Ad sequence.

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