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Eur J Pediatr Surg. 1998 Aug;8(4):247-50.

Bacterial translocation and T-lymphocyte populations in experimental short-bowel syndrome.

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Hospital Na Sa de Aranzazu, San Sebastian, Spain.


Bacterial translocation (BT) accounts in part for sepsis in short-bowel syndrome in which total parenteral nutrition (TPN) is routinely necessary. TPN "per se" facilitates BT and it has been suggested that decreased T-lymphocyte populations (TLP) in newborn rabbits and nude mice promote BT as well. We have tested the hypothesis that BT and modifications in TLP are to be expected in rats subjected to TPN and gut resection. Forty-five adult Wistar rats underwent central venous cannulations and were randomly assigned to one of three groups receiving for ten days three treatment regimes: - Group Sham (n = 17) oral intake of rat chow + saline (300 ml/kg/24 h) through a jugular vein catheter. - Group TPN (n = 17) fasting + infusion of all-in-one TPN solution (300 ml/kg/24 h). - Group RES (n = 11) fasting, same TPN regime + 80% gut resection. At the end of the experiment they were sacrified and specimens (peripheral and portal blood, spleen and mesenteric lymph nodes) were recovered, cultured and/or assessed for CD4+ and CD8+. Bacterial translocation was found in 47% of TPN animals, 92% of RES rats, but not in SHAM ones. Lymphocyte populations were not different in BT+ (n = 8) or BT- (n = 9) rats in the TPN group. TPN and resected animals showed a rise in CD4+ and a drop in CD8+ (then a better CD4+/CD8 ratio) when comparing with SHAM group rats. From this data we may conclude that: 1) BT is frequent if TPN is administered, and constant in resected animals. 2) No apparent relationship between the proportions of CD4+ and CD8+ lymphocytes and BT could be shown in TPN group. 3) High CD4+/CD8+ ratio in TPN and RES groups demonstrate that BT is possible even having good TLP.

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