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J Neurocytol. 1976 Oct;5(8):565-73.

Potential of Schwann cells from unmyelinated nerves to produce myelin: a quantitative ultrastructural and radiographic study.


In adult mice, most fibres in the cervical sympathetic trunk (CST) are unmyelinated whereas a large proportion of sural nerve fibres are myelinated. This study of nerve grafts in syngeneic mice was designed to determine if Schwann cells originating from the unmyelinated CST would produce myelin when in contact with regenerating axons of the sural nerve. Quantitative microscopy of triated thymidine-labelled CST segments grafted to unlabelled sural nerve stumps revealed that, one month after grafting, previously unmyelinated grafts contained many myelinated fibres. By phase and electron microscope radioautography, nearly 40% of the myelin-producing cells in the reinnervated graft were shown to have originated in the unmyelinated CST. These findings indicate that Schwann cells originating from unmyelinated fibres are able to differentiate into myelin producing cells.

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