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Transfusion. 1998 Oct;38(10):951-8.

The VS and V blood group polymorphisms in Africans: a serologic and molecular analysis.

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Bristol Institute for Transfusion Sciences, United Kingdom.



VS and V are common red cell antigens in persons of African origin. The molecular background of these Rh system antigens is poorly understood.


Red cells from 100 black South Africans and 43 black persons from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, were typed serologically for various Rh system antigens. Allele-specific polymerase chain reaction and sequencing of polymerase chain reaction products were used to analyze C733G (Leu245Val) and G1006T (Gly336Cys) polymorphisms in exons 5 and 7 of RHCE and the presence of a D-CE hybrid exon 3.


The respective frequencies of all VS+ and of VS+ V-(r's) phenotypes were 43 percent and 9 percent in the South Africans and 49 percent and 12 percent in the Dutch donors. All VS+ donors had G733 (Val245), but six with G733 were VS- (4 V+w, 2 V-). The four VS- V+w donors with G733 appeared to have a CE-D hybrid exon 5. T1006 (Cys336) was present in 12 percent and 16 percent of donors from the two populations. With only a few exceptions, T1006, a D-CE hybrid exon 3, and a C410T (Ala137Val) substitution were associated with a VS+ V-phenotype ((C)ces or r's haplotype). Two VS+ V-individuals, with the probable genotype, (C)ces/(C)ces), were homozygous for G733 and for T1006.


It is likely that anti-VS and anti-V recognize the conformational changes created by Val245, but that anti-V is sensitive to additional conformational changes created by Cys336.

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