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J Med Chem. 1998 Oct 8;41(21):3923-7.

Structure-based design of cathepsin K inhibitors containing a benzyloxy-substituted benzoyl peptidomimetic.

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Departments of Medicinal Chemistry, Structural Biology, Molecular Recognition, Protein Biochemistry, and Physical and Structural Chemistry, SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania 19406, USA.


Peptidomimetic cathepsin K inhibitors have been designed using binding models which were based on the X-ray crystal structure of an amino acid-based, active site-spanning inhibitor complexed with cathepsin K. These inhibitors, which contain a benzyloxybenzoyl group in place of a Cbz-leucine moiety, maintained good inhibitory potency relative to the amino acid-based inhibitor, and the binding models were found to be very predictive of relative inhibitor potency. The binding mode of one of the inhibitors was confirmed by X-ray crystallography, and the crystallographically determined structure is in close qualitative agreement with the initial binding model. These results strengthen the validity of a strategy involving iterative cycles of structure-based design, inhibitor synthesis and evaluation, and crystallographic structure determination for the discovery of peptidomimetic inhibitors.

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