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Cell. 1998 Sep 18;94(6):783-93.

Cdc2 kinase directly phosphorylates the cis-Golgi matrix protein GM130 and is required for Golgi fragmentation in mitosis.

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Cell Biology Laboratory, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London, United Kingdom.


Mitotic fragmentation of the Golgi apparatus can be largely explained by disruption of the interaction between GM130 and the vesicle-docking protein p115. Here we identify a single serine (Ser-25) in GM130 as the key phosphorylated target and Cdc2 as the responsible kinase. MEK1, a component of the MAP kinase signaling pathway recently implicated in mitotic Golgi fragmentation, was not required for GM130 phosphorylation or mitotic fragmentation either in vitro or in vivo. We propose that Cdc2 is directly involved in mitotic Golgi fragmentation and that signaling via MEK1 is not required for this process.

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