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J Dairy Sci. 1998 Aug;81(8):2111-5.

The primary structure of caprine PP3: amino acid sequence, phosphorylation, and glycosylation of component PP3 from the proteose-peptone fraction of caprine milk.

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Department of Molecular and Structural Biology, University of Aarhus, Denmark.


Proteose-peptone component 3 is a phosphorylated glycoprotein that was isolated from the proteose-peptone fraction of caprine milk. By mass spectrometric analysis, amino acid sequencing, and polymerase chain reaction analysis, the primary structure has been determined and has been shown to contain 136 amino acids. Phosphorylations were identified at Ser30 and Ser41. A partial glycosylation was present at Thr16, and a N-linked glycosylation was present at Asn78. Galactosamine was the amino sugar detected at Thr16. Glucosamine and galactosamine were the amino sugars found in the carbohydrate group linked to Asn78. The caprine amino acid sequence exhibits 88% identity with the bovine proteose-peptone component 3 sequence. However, when compared with the bovine sequence, the caprine sequence contains an insertion of a serine residue at position 25.

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