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Am J Physiol. 1998 Sep;275(3 Pt 1):C870-81.

Control of AMP deaminase 1 binding to myosin heavy chain.

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Department of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia 19104-4283, Pennsylvania.


AMP deaminase (AMPD) plays a central role in preserving the adenylate energy charge in myocytes following exercise and in producing intermediates for the citric acid cycle in muscle. Prior studies have demonstrated that AMPD1 binds to myosin heavy chain (MHC) in vitro; binding to the myofibril varies with the state of muscle contraction in vivo, and binding of AMPD1 to MHC is required for activation of this enzyme in myocytes. The present study has identified three domains in AMPD1 that influence binding of this enzyme to MHC using a cotransfection model that permits assessment of mutations introduced into the AMPD1 peptide. One domain that encompasses residues 178-333 of this 727-amino acid peptide is essential for binding of AMPD1 to MHC. This region of AMPD1 shares sequence similarity with several regions of titin, another MHC binding protein. Two additional domains regulate binding of this peptide to MHC in response to intracellular and extracellular signals. A nucleotide binding site, which is located at residues 660-674, controls binding of AMPD1 to MHC in response to changes in intracellular ATP concentration. Deletion analyses demonstrate that the amino-terminal 65 residues of AMPD1 play a critical role in modulating the sensitivity to ATP-induced inhibition of MHC binding. Alternative splicing of the AMPD1 gene product, which alters the sequence of residues 8-12, produces two AMPD1 isoforms that exhibit different MHC binding properties in the presence of ATP. These findings are discussed in the context of the various roles proposed for AMPD in energy production in the myocyte.

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