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FEBS Lett. 1998 Jul 17;431(2):131-3.

How do histone acetyltransferases select lysine residues in core histones?

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Department of Cellular Biology, Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences, The University of Tokyo, Japan.


Acetylation of specific lysines of core histone N-terminal tails correlates with chromatin assembly and specific regulation of gene expression. Core histones acetylated at particular lysines mediate effects on chromatin function; however, the manner in which different histone acetyltransferases (HATs) discriminate lysines is unknown. Here we propose a putative rule for lysine selection by HATs based on the primary sequence in the vicinity of lysines in the core histone N-terminal tails and in flanking sequence. This provides insight into the molecular basis of site selection of core histones by HATs.

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