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[Construction and application of retroviral vector carrying green fluorescent protein].

[Article in Chinese]

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Tumor Immunology and Gene Therapy Center, The Eastern Institute of Hepatobiliary Surgery, The Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, 200438 P. R. China.



To construct retroviral vector carrying rapidly selective marker.


The recombination retroviral vector GCGFPPXSN was constructed by cloning the green fluorescent protein (GFP) cDNA into the retroviral vector containing putative internal ribosome entry sites GCXPXSN and transferred in ecotropic packaging cell line PE501 by electroporation method. The supernatants of the PE501GCGFPPXSN were used to infect the amphotropic packaging cell line PA317. The G418 resistant clones were selected in 4 weeks and were detectable by fluorescence microscopy or by fluorescence-activated cell sorting(FACS).


A recombination retroviral vector GCGFPPXSN carrying rapidly selective marker GFP was constructed. GFP expression in packaging cell line PA317-GCGFPPXSN transferred by GCGFPPXSN was detected by fluorescence microscopy of FACS. PA317-GCGFPPXSN grew to a titer of 1.2 x 10(5) cpu/ml. By cocultivating retroviral vector producing cells and T lymphocytes, expression of GFP was observed in T lymphocytes 2 days after the end of the cocultivation. T lymphocytes expressing GFP were separated.


The mammalian cell can be efficient gene transfected by retroviral vector carrying GFP. The use of GFP for cell marking represents an important advantage over conventional strategies which typically involve the use of neomycin resistance. GFP, in fact, allows a rapid in vitro selection of transduced cell by FACS. The selection requires only two-day culture with this retroviral vector, compared with 10-14 day culture with a classical retroviral vector.

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