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FEBS Lett. 1998 Jul 3;430(3):257-60.

Translation of tobacco chloroplast rps14 mRNA depends on a Shine-Dalgarno-like sequence in the 5'-untranslated region but not on internal RNA editing in the coding region.

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Center for Gene Research, Nagoya University, Japan.


The role of Shine-Dalgarno-like sequences in mRNAs from higher plant chloroplasts has not been analyzed experimentally so far. In vitro translation analysis has revealed that the Shine-Dalgarno-like sequence is essential for translation of tobacco chloroplast rps14 mRNA. Two RNA editing sites have been identified in the protein-coding region of the rps14 mRNA. Editing of the second site was found to be partial and hence the partially edited transcripts are accumulated in tobacco green leaves. In vitro translation assays using the fully edited, partially edited and unedited rps14 mRNAs indicated that editing does not directly influence translational efficiency.

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