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J Anat. 1998 Apr;192 ( Pt 3):351-8.

Pathways of interstitial fluid and lymph flow in the liver acinus of the sheep and mouse.

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School of Veterinary Science, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.


In the acinus of the sheep and mouse liver, lymphatic vessels are restricted to the portal tracts. Vessels less than about 25 microm across form a network around portal venules, and are closely associated with the limiting plate of hepatocytes. The perisinusoidal space of Disse is continuous with the interstitial space of the portal tracts at the origin of the sinusoids. It seems likely that excess interstitial fluid derived from the sinusoids flows along the perisinusoidal space of Disse to enter the portal tracts near the portal venules, and then enters the small lymphatics which lie adjacent to those venules. It then enters the larger vessels, which are adjacent to hepatic arterioles and bile ductules.

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