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Int J Cancer. 1998 Aug 31;77(5):734-40.

Elevated serum level of soluble CD23 precedes development of B-non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in SIV-infected Rhesus monkeys.

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German Primate Center, Department for Virology and Immunology, Göttingen.


Patients with HIV infection are at high risk for the development of high-grade B-non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (B-NHL). The aim of this study was identification of a predictive diagnostic marker for HIV-associated B-cell lymphomas, using simian-immunodeficiency-virus (SIV)-infected Rhesus monkeys as a well-established in vivo model of HIV-associated lymphomagenesis. We infected 26 monkeys (Macaca mulatta) with SIVmax and measured serum levels of sCD23 longitudinally until necropsy. Of the 26 monkeys, 9 developed high-grade B-NHL, which was preceded by lymphadenopathy (NHL+/LA+) (group 1). Among the 17 animals that remained without clinical evidence of lymphoma during the observation period, 8 developed LA (group 2) and 9 were NHL- and LA-negative (NHL-/LA-) (group 3). Elevation of sCD23 serum levels preceded B-cell lymphoma development, with a median of 44 U/ml in group 1 vs. 7 U/ml and 8 U/ml in groups 2 and 3 respectively, 32 weeks after infection. Differences in the serum level of sCD23 between group 1 vs. groups 2 and 3 became statistically significant 32 to 56 weeks after infection. At necropsy, serum levels of sCD23 were significantly higher in group 1 than in group 2 or group 3; 6/6 samples of SIV-associated B-NHL were positive for gene transcription of CD23 and its receptor CD21 as assessed by RT-PCR. The data point to a potential role of sCD23 as a predictive marker for the development of HIV-associated B-NHL. Moreover, the in vivo model of SIV-infected monkeys suggests the possibility of exactly analyzing the pathobiological role of sCD23 in the lymphomagenesis of SIV-associated B-NHL.

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