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Cytogenet Cell Genet. 1998;80(1-4):226-31.

Evolution by fusion and amplification: the murine Sp100-rs gene cluster.

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Institut für Biologie, Medizinische Universität zu Lübeck, Germany.


Sp100 is a single-copy gene in the human and the mouse. A related gene, Sp100-rs, occurs in multiple copies and forms a conspicuous cluster in the mouse chromosome 1. Murine Sp100 and Sp100-rs are homologous from the promoter up to a position in intron 3, but they differ 3' of that position. In the genus Mus, Sp100-rs is present in one phylogenetic branch, represented by the house mouse, M. musculus, but probably does not exist in another branch, represented by M. caroli. Thus, Sp100-rs arose relatively late in the evolution of the genus Mus, whereas Sp100 existed in the common ancestor of the human and the mouse. The Sp100-rs gene cluster probably evolved by gene fusion followed by amplification and diversification.

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