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Extremophiles. 1998 Jan;2(1):1-7.

Photobacterium profundum sp. nov., a new, moderately barophilic bacterial species isolated from a deep-sea sediment.

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DEEP STAR Group, Japan Marine Science and Technology Center, Yokosuka, Japan.


A novel, moderately barophilic bacterium was isolated from a sediment sample obtained from the Ryukyu Trench, at a depth of 5110 m. The isolate, designated strain DSJ4, is a Gram-negative rod capable of growth between 4 degrees C and 18 degrees C under atmospheric pressure, with optimum growth displayed at 10 degrees C, and capable of growth at pressures between 0.1 MPa and 70 MPa at 10 degrees C, with optimum growth displayed at 10 MPa. Strain DSJ4 is a moderately barophilic bacterium, and shows no significant change in growth at pressures up to 50 MPa. Phylogenetic analysis of the 16S rRNA sequence of strain DSJ4 places this strain within the Photobacterium subgroup of the family Vibrionaceae, closely related to the strain SS9 that was independently isolated from the Sulu Trough. The temperature and pressure ranges for growth, cellular fatty acid composition, and assorted physiological and biochemical characteristics indicate that these strains differ from other Photobacterium species. Furthermore, both SS9 and DSJ4 displayed a low level of DNA similarity to other Photobacterium type strains. Based on these differences, these strains are proposed to represent a new deep-sea-type species. The name Photobacterium profundum (JCM10084) is proposed.

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