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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1998 Jul 20;248(2):240-4.

Identification and cloning of two novel allergens from the lipophilic yeast, Malassezia furfur.

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Clinical Research Center for Allergy and Rheumatology, National Sagamihara Hospital, 18-1 Sakuradai, Kanagawa, Sagamihara, 228-8522, Japan.


Two novel allergens, designated Mal f 2 and Mal f 3 according to the WHO/IUIS Allergen Nomenclature Subcommittee recommendation, were isolated from the lipophilic yeast Malassezia furfur cell extracts and the genes coding for those were cloned. Mal f 2 and Mal f 3 had apparent molecular weights of 21 kDa and 20 kDa, respectively, on SDS-PAGE under reducing conditions. The identified cDNA clone of Mal f 2 encoded an open reading frame of 177 amino acid residues. Fifty-one percent identity was found between the Mal f 2 and Mal f 3 sequences. Comparison of the Mal f 2 and Mal f 3 sequences with known protein sequences revealed that they had sequence homology with two peroxisomal membrane proteins of Candida boidinii and an Aspergillus fumigatus allergen, Asp f 3. In RAST, both Mal f 2- and Mal f 3-specific IgE antibodies could be detected in approximately 70 % of sera from M. furfur sensitized patients with atopic dermatitis.

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