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Acta Anat (Basel). 1997;160(2):83-7.

Nutritional and functional blood vessels of anagen and telogen vibrissal follicles in the cat.

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Department of Anatomy, Agricultural University of Poznan, Poland.


The nutritional blood vessel system in the anagen (growing) vibrissal follicle consists of a rete capillare papillae pili, rete capillare bulbi pili, rete capillare folliculi pili, and rete capillare canalis pili. Due to degeneration of papilla and bulb during the sinus hair cycle, the basal capillary networks are absent in the telogen (resting) vibrissal follicle. Thus, nonpermanent and permanent capillary networks have to be distinguished. A functional blood vessel system originates from arterioles that enter the sinus cavernosus at its basolateral side. Blood flow continues into the sinus anularis. Efferent capillaries, originating from the apical-axial area of the sinus anularis, build up a separate network for the collection of blood from the sinuses. These capillaries continue towards the dermis, contribute to the nutritional vascularization of the sebaceous gland, and finally connect with the subepidermal capillary loops.

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