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Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol. 1998 Jul-Aug;25(7-8):536-40.

Pharmacological stimulation of arterial chemoreceptors in conscious rats produces differential responses in renal cortical and medullary blood flow.

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Institute of Physiology, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University, Greifswald, Germany.


1. There have been no previously published data regarding intrarenal blood flow distribution in acute whole-body hypoxic hypoxia and/or arterial chemoreceptor stimulation in normoxic mammals. 2. Cortical and medullary blood flows were measured simultaneously before and in response to pharmacological stimulation of peripheral arterial chemoreceptors by i.v. injection of almitrine bismesylate (0.25 mg/kg). 3. Arterial chemoreceptor excitation reduced cortical blood flow but only in innervated kidneys. An effect on medullary blood flow was observed in neither innervated nor denervated kidneys. 4. These data indicate that renal cortical and medullary blood flows react differently to arterial chemoreceptor stimulation.

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