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Extremophiles. 1998 May;2(2):109-14.

Thermococcus acidaminovorans sp. nov., a new hyperthermophilic alkalophilic archaeon growing on amino acids.

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Lehrstuhl für Mikrobiologie, Regensburg, Germany.


From a shallow marine hydrothermal system at Vulcano (Italy), a new hyperthermophilic member of the Archaea was isolated. The cells are coccoid - shaped and possess up to five flagella. They grow between 56 degrees and 93 degrees C (optimum 85 degrees C) and pH 5.0-9.5 (optimum 9.0). The organism is strictly anaerobic and grows heterotrophically on defined amino acids and complex organic substrates such as casamino acids, yeast extract, peptone, meat extract, tryptone, and casein. Polysulfide and elemental sulfur are reduced to H2S. In the absence of polysulfide or elemental sulfur, the isolate grows at a significantly reduced rate. Growth is not influenced by the presence of H2. DNA- DNA hybridization and 16S rRNA partial sequences indicated that the new isolate belongs to the genus Thermococcus, and represents a new species, Thermococcus acidaminovorans. The type stain is isolate AEDII10 (DSM 11906).

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