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Neurosci Lett. 1998 Jun 12;249(1):33-6.

The winged-helix transcription factor CWH-3 is expressed in developing neural crest cells.

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National Institute for Basic Biology, and Department of Molecular Biomechanics, Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Okazaki, Japan.


Neural crest cells are a migratory population that finally give rise to peripheral neurons and numerous other differentiated cell types. We report here that chicken winged-helix 3 (CWH-3), a winged-helix transcription factor, is specifically expressed in the early premigratory and migrating neural crest cells at all axial levels in chick embryos. CWH-3-positive cells first appeared in the neural plate at the early primitive-streak stage when commitment to the neural crest cell fate occurs, and the expression declined after they arrived at their final destinations. These observations suggested that CWH-3 is a determinant for neural crest differentiation at the most dorsal part of the neural tube, reminiscent of HNF-3beta, another winged-helix factor, which determines the ventral part of the neural tube.

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