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Neuroreport. 1998 Jun 1;9(8):1749-55.

Mitochondrial function impairment induced by amyloid beta-peptide on PC12 cells.

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Centre for Neuroscience of Coimbra, Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra, Portugal.


The aim of the present study was to determine whether amyloid beta-peptide (A beta) induces mitochondrial dysfunction. Mitochondrial function was reported to be affected following A beta exposure, as demonstrated by depolarization of the mitochondrial membrane, decrease of oxygen consumption and by the inhibition of complexes I, III and IV of the mitochondrial respiratory chain. A beta25-35 and A beta1-40 peptides also inhibited MTT reduction in a dose-dependent manner in undifferentiated and differentiated PC12 cells. Several antioxidants prevented this inhibitory response, suggesting that oxidative stress is involved in A beta-induced cytotoxicity. These data suggest that mitochondrial dysfunction contributes to amyloid beta-protein cytotoxicity and may play a major role in the abnormalities of energy metabolism observed in Alzheimer's disease.

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