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Biol Chem. 1998 Apr-May;379(4-5):585-9.

Isolation of a non-classical mutant of the DNA recognition subunit of the type I restriction endonuclease R.EcoR124I.

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Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Microbiology, Prague, Czech Republic.


We have used deletion mutagenesis and PCR-based misincorporation mutagenesis to produce a collection of mutations in the central conserved region of the DNA binding subunit of the type IC restriction endonuclease EcoR124I. It has been proposed that this domain is involved in protein-protein interactions during the assembly of the endonuclease. While a large percentage of these mutations gave a classical Res- Mod- phenotype, one mutant was isolated with a nonclassical Res- Mod+ phenotype. The loss of restriction activity, but retention of the ability to modify indicates that this mutation cannot affect DNA binding and must alter the assembly of the endonuclease in such a way as to prevent DNA cleavage but allow methylation. This mutant resulted from a single amino acid change Trp212-->Arg. The location of the single amino acid change is at the border of the central conserved region and the second target recognition domain (TRD2) and suggests that this region is extremely important for the assembly of the methylase with the HsdR subunit into a functional restriction endonuclease.

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