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Glycobiology. 1998 Jul;8(7):663-73.

Partially glucose-capped oligosaccharides are found on the hemoglobins of the deep-sea tube worm Riftia pachyptila.

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Equipe Ecophysiologie, UPMC-CNRS-INSU, Station Biologique, BP 74, 29682 Roscoff Cedex, France.


We report here the structural determination of N-linked oligosaccharides found on extracellular hemoglobins of the hydrothermal vent tube worm Riftia pachyptila. Structures were elucidated by a combination of electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry, matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry, normal-phase high performance liquid chromatography, and exoglycosidase digestion. The sugar chains were found to consist mainly of high-mannose-type glycans with some structures partially capped by one or two terminal glucose residues. The present study represents the first report of the occurrence of glucose capping of N-linked carbohydrates in a secreted glycoprotein of a metazoan. Previously, glucose capping has only been described for a membrane-bound surface glycoprotein from the unicellular parasite Leishmania mexicana amazonensis.

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