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J Miss State Med Assoc. 1998 May;39(5):180-2.

Oral magnesium for tocolysis: a comparison of magnesium gluconate and enteric-coated magnesium chloride.

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Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, University of Mississippi Medical Center Jackson, USA.



Following parenteral magnesium tocolysis for patients in preterm labor. The choice of oral tocolytic medications is controversial.


Over a six-month period, 47 patients who were inpreterm labor were randomized after parenteral magnesium tocolysis to receive magnesium gluconate ([Mg-g] 648 mg elemental magnesium/day) or magnesium chloride ([Mg-c] 640 mg elemental magnesium/ day). A serum magnesium was obtained 24 hours after the initiation of oral therapy.


In the 25 patients were treated with Mg-g and 22 with Mg-c there were no differences in patient demographics, initial cervical dilatation hours on parenteral magnesium sulfate, recurrent contractions, or side effects between the two groups. The cost was also similar (Mg-c, $1.40/d; Mg-g, $2.11/d). The serum magnesium levels were higher in the Mg-c group (1.80 +/- 0.28 mg/dl) compared to the Mg-g group (1.63 +/- 0.30 mg/dl) but the difference was not significant.


These two preparations of magnesium are similar in their effects on uterine activity and serum levels when used at these dosages.

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