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Endocrinology. 1998 Jun;139(6):2982-7.

Transcription and translation of estrogen receptor-beta in the male reproductive tract of estrogen receptor-alpha knock-out and wild-type mice.

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Department of Animal Sciences, University of Missouri, Columbia 65211, USA.


Estrogen receptor-alpha (ERalpha) has been identified in the male reproductive tract, but the role of estrogen in the male has not been well characterized. In vivo mutations in ERalpha genes have demonstrated the necessity for ERalpha-mediated action in male fertility. We asked whether both ERbeta messenger RNA and protein were present in the male reproductive tract of wild-type and ERalpha knock-out (ERalpha KO) mice, and whether ERbeta could compensate for the lack of ERalpha in infertile male ERalpha KO mice. Immunohistochemical localization with both N- and C-terminal anti-ERbeta antibodies demonstrated that ERbeta is present in the Leydig cells of the testes and in the epithelium of both the efferent ductules and the initial segment of the epididymis. RT-PCR amplification was used to confirm ERbeta transcription in these tissues. In conclusion, we observed that ERbeta messenger RNA and protein continue to be expressed in the Leydig cells, elongated spermatids, efferent ductules, and the initial segment of the epididymides of ERalpha KO mice, but the presence of ERbeta is not able to compensate for the absence of ERalpha in male reproductive function.

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