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J Electron Microsc (Tokyo). 1998;47(1):87-92.

Immunolocalization of fibronectin and its receptors integrin alpha 3 and alpha 5 subunits in the rat limb development.


In the rat hind limb bud aged between prenatal days 14 and 16, immunoreactions of fibronectin in the apical ectodermal ridge were localized on the plasma membranes of epidermal cells and cytoplasmic projections of the underlying mesenchymal cells, which are in contact with the basal lamina. Those of integrin alpha 3 and alpha 5 subunits also appeared on such areas. Definite immunoreactions of fibronectin and both integrin subunits were seen in cell to cell contact areas of mesenchymal cells which are associated with the marginal vein, or with each other forming solid cell cords, and appeared on the basal plasma membrane of endothelial cells of the growing capillaries arising from the marginal vein. These findings suggest that fibronectin may work as a ligand for alpha 3 beta 1 and/or alpha 5 beta 1 integrins expressed by the mesenchymal and vasoformative cells in developing limb bud.

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