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Nat Genet. 1998 May;19(1):67-9.

SHOX mutations in dyschondrosteosis (Leri-Weill syndrome).

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Département de Génétique et Unité de Recherches sur les Handicaps Génétiques de l'Enfant INSERM U393, Hôpital des Enfants Malades, Paris, France.


Dyschondrosteosis (DCS) is an autosomal dominant form of mesomelic dysplasia with deformity of the forearm (Madelung deformity; ref. 3). Based on the observation of XY translocations (p22,q12; refs 4-6) in DCS patients, we tested the pseudoautosomal region in eight families with DCS and showed linkage of the DCS gene to a microsatellite DNA marker at the DXYS233 locus (Zmax=6.26 at theta=0). The short stature homeobox-containing gene (SHOX), involved in idiopathic growth retardation and possibly Turner short stature, maps to this region and was therefore regarded as a strong candidate gene in DCS. Here, we report large-scale deletions (in seven families) and a nonsense mutation (in one family) of SHOX in patients with DCS and show that Langer mesomelic dwarfism results from homozygous mutations at the DCS locus.

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