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J Endod. 1997 Jul;23(7):439-41.

Disintegration of endodontic cements in water.

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Department of Dental Materials, School of Dentistry, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The disintegration of three endodontic cements in water was determined quantitatively and qualitatively. The materials studied were Ketac-Endo (KE), Tubli Seal (TS), and AH26 (AH). Specimens were immersed in water for 48 h (GI), 7 (GII) and 45 days (GIII). The solid residue was then determined. For the qualitative analysis three groups of tubes were filled with the materials and stored in water for the same periods. The exposed surface was photographed. Results expressed as percentage of original mass in the quantitative analysis for loss of mass due to dissolution were: GI = KE 2.39 (0.70); TS 3.56 (0.37); AH 4.94 (2.83); GII = KE 2.84 (0.30); TS 2.50 (0.50); AH 0.66 (0.26); GIII = KE 1.60 (0.84); TS 1.03 (0.42); AH 1.22 (0.54). Tukey's least significant difference (0.05) was 2.94. In the qualitative experiment KE disintegration was far more evident than that suffered by other materials. The quantitative results had no correlation with the qualitative observations probably due to the difference in the moment when the materials were immersed.

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