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J Oral Rehabil. 1998 Mar;25(3):209-13.

Comparison of four different denture cushion adhesives--a subjective study.

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Department of Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, Cukurova University, Balcali, Adana, Turkey.


Four cushion adhesives (Fittydent I; Fittydent II, introduced as an advanced formula; Protefix; and Seabond) were compared clinically through patients subjective evaluations. Maxillary dentures of 32 patients were relined and the mandibular dentures were scored by Kapur index before the application of different treatments. The cushion adhesives were used only with the existing mandibular prosthesis. The four treatments were applied to the patients in groups of 8 by allocating each group randomly to one of the four sequences of treatments determined by latin square design. Each patient took each treatment only once. The adhesives were applied by the authors as recommended by the manufacturers. Patients used each material for 24 h and, through a questionnaire, they evaluated the seven following aspects of each different cushion material: retention, duration of retention, effects on ability to chew, effects on other oral functions, cleansing of dentures, cleansing of gums, and an overall evaluation of materials. Both Fittydent products significantly improved denture retention and the ability to chew. The patients who expressed 'much better' chewing with Fittydent products, had mandibular dentures rated poor or fair.

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