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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1998 Apr 17;245(2):397-402.

Differentially expressed snoRNAs in Bungarus multicinctus (Taiwan banded krait).

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Department of Biochemistry, Kaohsiung Medical College, Taiwan, Republic of China.


Twenty novel snoRNAs forming extensive sequence complementarities to mature 5S rRNA were identified from Bungarus multicinctus by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction. It was found that the snoRNA species were differentially transcribed in different tissues as evidenced by single stranded conformational polymorphism analysis and direct nucleotide sequence analysis. Although the diversity in the sequences of snoRNAs is observed, comparison of these snoRNA genes reveals that the regions involved in binding to 5S rRNA are highly conserved and form two 12-nt-15-nt tracts of complementarity to phylogenetically invariant sequences in eukaryotic 5S rRNAs. Nevertheless, the lower conservation of box C/D or box H/ACA in these snoRNAs was observed. Likewise, the sequences in several fish and human genes forming perfect duplexes with 5S rRNA also did not highly retain these box elements. These results may infer that the box elements are dispensable for the function of snoRNA species identified in the present study. Moreover, the novel finding of the differentially expressed snoRNA variants in B. multicinctus suggests that the snoRNA genes are selectively processed in different tissues and are likely associated with tissue-specific regulation of their host gene transcripts.

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