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J Nutr. 1998 May;128(5):865-9.

Full-fat rice bran and oat bran similarly reduce hypercholesterolemia in humans.

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Department of Medicine, University of California, Davis Medical Center and Sutter Heart Institute, Sacramento, CA 95819, USA.


Scientific studies support recommendations to increase dietary soluble fiber as part of hyperlipidemia treatment. Rice bran contains minimal soluble fiber, but rice bran oil has a hypolipidemic effect. Full-fat rice bran was compared with oat bran and a rice starch placebo in hyperlipidemic humans to see if it might have a role in the treatment of hyperlipidemia. Moderately hypercholesterolemic (5.95-8.02 mmol/L), nonsmoking, nonobese adults were studied in a 6-wk, randomized, double-blind, noncross-over trial. Three groups added 84 g/d of a heat-stabilized, full-fat, medium-grain rice bran product (n = 14), oat bran product (n = 13) or rice starch placebo (n = 17) to their usual low-fat diet. Serum cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL-cholesterol (HDL-C), LDL-cholesterol (LDL-C), apoA1 and apoB were measured before and at the end of the supplementation period. Serum cholesterol decreased significantly (P </= 0.05) by 8.3 +/- 2.4% and 13.0 +/- 1.8% in the rice bran and oat bran groups, respectively, but there was no change in the rice starch group. This change was attributable to LDL-C, which decreased by 13.7 +/- 2.8% in the rice bran group and 17.1 +/- 2.4% in the oat bran group (P </= 0.05). Serum apoB decreased proportionately. There was no consistent effect on triglycerides within each group and HDL-C and apoA concentrations did not change. The LDL-C:HDL-C ratio decreased significantly in the rice bran and oat bran groups. Stabilized, full-fat rice bran or oat bran, added to the prudent diet of hyperlipidemic adults, similarly reduced cholesterol and LDL-C and improved lipid ratios in 78% of these individuals. Rice bran, as well as oat bran, should be included in the prudent diet of individuals with hyperlipidemia.

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