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Mol Gen Genet. 1998 Mar;257(5):581-6.

Gene cluster for creatinine degradation in Arthrobacter sp. TE1826.

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Tsuruga Institute of Biotechnology, Toyobo Co., Ltd., Fukui Prefecture, Japan.


The genes encoding creatininase (CrnA; 258 residues) and creatinase (CreA; 411 residues) from Arthrobacter sp. TE1826 were cloned and sequenced. The genes form a cluster with the sarcosine oxidase gene (soxA) and its regulator gene (soxR), which were cloned previously. The deduced amino acid sequences of CrnA and CreA show 35.9% and 63.1% identity, respectively to the corresponding Pseudomonas enzymes. CrnA and CreA were purified from the recombinant strains and characterized. Other open reading frames (creB and crnB), encoding proteins similar to several transporters, were found downstream of creA and crnA, respectively.

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