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Roum Arch Microbiol Immunol. 1996 Oct-Dec;55(4):285-94.

Inhibitory capacity of some fractions isolated from a green barley extract upon TNF alpha production by the cells of the THP-1 human monocytes line.

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Cantacuzino Institute, Bucharest, Romania.


A green barley extract commercialized as an antiinflammatory product under the name of "Natural SOD" was fractionated based on the molecular weights principle. Knowing that the TNF alpha cytokine plays an important role in inducing inflammatory phenomena, by the use of two determination methods (ELISA and cytotoxicity), the fractions obtained were analysed for their capacity to modulate TNF alpha production/release by an LPS-activated human monocytes line (THP-1). The results pointed to the existence of 3 groups of substances (fractions 3, 4 and 9) apt to modulate TNF alpha production, fraction 4 being the most active. Of the TNF alpha determination methods, ELISA proved to be more sensitive as it detected not only free TNF alpha identified also by the cytotoxicity test, but also TNF alpha complexed with its soluble receptors. The presence of these substances in Natural SOD, fractions with modulatory action upon TNF alpha production, might partly account for the clinical efficiency of this product in the treatment of inflammatory affections reported in humans.

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