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Invest Urol. 1976 Jul;14(1):28-32.

Innervation of pelvic viscera in the rat. Evoked potentials in nerves to bladder and penis (clitoris).


In 29 rats, responses evoked by pelvic and hypogastric nerve stimulation were recorded from postganglionic nerves to bladder and penis (clitoris). Responses to pelvic nerve stimulation had nonsynapsing and synapsing components. The nonsynapsing component was relatively large in main nerve to penis and small in lateral nerve to penis and nerves to bladder. Pelvic nerve fiber synapsing on pelvic ganglion neurons to bladder had a large subliminal fringe, while fibers synapsing on neurons supplying penis (clitoris) had a small subliminal fringe. Recruitment was greater in nerves to bladder and lateral nerve to penis (clitoris) compared to main nerve to penis (clitoris), indicating more synapsing fibers in the former nerves. Almost all hypogastric fibers to bladder were direct. A small subliminal fringe was demonstrated for hypogastric fibers synapsing on neurons supplying penis. No subliminal fringe was evident for the bladder. Pelvic and hypogastric nerve interaction on pelvic ganglion neurons could not be demonstrated with either single shock or tetanic trains of conditioning stimuli. With antidromic stimulation, conduction velocities of afferent fibers in pelvic nerve ranged from 0.15 m per sec to 2.9 m per sec. In hypogastric nerve they ranged from 0.35 m per sec to 2.8 m per sec.

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