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Dermatologica. 1976;152(5):257-62.

Sweat studies in hyperhidrosis palmaris and plantaris. A survey of 60 patients before and after cervical sympathectomy.


60 patients suffering from excessive sweating in the hands underwent cervical sympathectomy. At follow-up 1-7 years after operation the hands were dry in 55. No differences in electrolyte concentrations were found in the sweat from palms, arms, or body prior to and after the surgical intervention. Similarly no differences were found in electrolyte concentrations between healthy subjects and hyperhidrotics. Palmar sweat was hypertonic in comparison to arm or body sweat. The Na and K sweat concentrations were: palmar 50 +/- 20 and 16 +/- 7 mEq/1; arm 30 +/- 11 and 8 +/- 2 mEq/1; and body 21 +/- 20 and 4 +/- 3 mEq/1, respectively. Na/K ratio was: palmar 3.2; arms 3.6 and body 5.8. Total sweat loss prior to the operation was 5.7 +/- 4.2 g/kg BW/h; afterwards it was 5.9 +/- 4 g/kg BW/h. These equal sweat rates were associated with compensatory sweating in areas of the body not affected prior to the operation.

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