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Cell. 1976 Apr;7(4):585-93.

A new species of virus-coded low molecular weight RNA from cells infected with adenovirus type 2.


A virus-coded low molecular weight RNA (5.2S), which migrates slightly faster on polyacrylamide gels than the well characterized adenovirus-specific 5.5S RNA, has been isolated from cells infected with adenovirus type 2. Hybridization-competition experiments and RNA fingerprints indicate that the two virus-associated (VA) RNAs differ in their primary structures. The gene for 5.2S RNA is located to the right of the gene for 5.5S RNA, on the I strand of a DNA segment which extends between positions 30.3 and 32.2 on the map of adenovirus type 2 DNA. Both 5.5S and 5.2S RNA can be detected early after infection and also in the presence of cytosine-arabinoside or cycloheximide. After the onset of viral DNA replication, the synthesis of 5.2S RNA levels off, whereas 5.5S RNA is synthesized in increasing amounts. Both 5.2S and 5.5S RNAs are synthesized in isolated nuclei by an enzyme which resembles RNA polymerase III in its sensitivity to alpha-amanitin. In isolated nuclei, both RNA species are labeled with beta-32P-labeled GTP, which suggests that they are initiated at separate promotor sites.

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