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Plant Cell Physiol. 1998 Jan;39(1):115-23.

The influences of two plant nuclear matrix attachment regions (MARs) on gene expression in transgenic plants.

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CSIRO Division of Plant Industry, Canberra, Australia.


Nuclear matrix attachment regions (MARs) are thought to influence gene expression by anchoring active chromatin to the proteinaceous nuclear matrix. In this study, two plant DNA fragments with strong MAR activity were selected and tested for their effects on expression of a linked reporter gene in transgenic tobacco. One MAR was isolated from the 5' flanking region of a pea vicilin gene previously reported to be expressed in a copy number-dependent manner in transgenic tobacco. A second MAR was isolated from the genome of Arabidopsis thaliana by preselection for autonomously replicating sequence (ARS) activity in yeast. Flanking copies of the A. thaliana MAR stimulated median reporter gene expression in transgenic plants by five to ten fold. Neither MAR significantly reduced the variation in transgene expression between individual transformants, or conferred copy number-dependence in gene expression.

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